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Debunking Handbook

Debunking myths is problematic. Unless great care is taken, any effort to debunk
misinformation can inadvertently reinforce the very myths one seeks to correct. To
avoid these “backfire effects”, an effective debunking requires three major elements.
First, the refutation must focus on core facts rather than the myth to avoid the
misinformation becoming more familiar. Second, any mention of a myth should be
preceded by explicit warnings to notify the reader that the upcoming information is
false. Finally, the refutation should include an alternative explanation that accounts
for important qualities in the original misinformation.

Looking for a compromise

When we disagree with someone we have several choices to make. Do I want to make them change their mind? Do I need to have my own way? Am I willing to listen to the other point of view?

If we are able to free ourselves from the fear of anger, we can look for solutions to the conflict. Often the fear takes control and there is no way to resolve the issue. Freedom from fear is freedom to choose.

How to change to a harmonious way of being

The Oregon coast is a spectacular place. People are drawn to the peace and beauty of the ocean. Creative ideas flow from the freedom to be in tune with mother earth.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Success through cooperation.
  • No fear is freedom.
  • Hold on by holding hands.
  • We are all in it together.
  • Be silent in determination.
  • Caress your heart – write poetry.
  • There is always one more thing you can do.
  • Peace through communication.
  • Love the planet – it’s the only one.
  • Only you!
Cove Beach, Oregon

Feel Free!